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12 Effective Home Remedies for Losing Weight

1) Fruits and green vegetables are low calorie  foods, so over weight persons should use these more frequently. 
2) One should avoid intake of too much salt. Salt  may be a factor for increasing the body weight.  3) Milk products like cheese, butter should be  avoided because these are rich in fat. Meat and non-vegetarian foods should also be avoided.  4) Spices like dry ginger, cinnamon, black pepper etc. are good for loosing weight and can be used in a number of ways.  5) Rice and potato which contain a lot of carbohydrates should be avoided among cereals wheat is good.  6) Vegetables like bitter gourd (Karela), and bitter variety of drumstick are useful for loosing weight.  7) Taking of honey is an excellent home remedy for obesity. It mobilizes the extra deposited fat in the body and puts it into circulation, which is utilized as energy for normal functions. One should start with small quantity of about 10 GMs. or a table spoonful to be taken with hot water. It is good to take it in ear…

Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria

World Malaria Day 25 April 2012 In 2010, about 3.3 billion people - almost half of the world's population - were at risk of malaria. Every year, this leads to about 216 million malaria cases and an estimated 655 000 deaths. People living in the poorest countries are the most vulnerable. World Malaria Day - which was instituted by the World Health Assembly at its 60th session in May 2007 - is a day for recognizing the global effort to provide effective control of malaria. It is an opportunity: for countries in the affected regions to learn from each other's experiences and support each other's efforts; for new donors to join a global partnership against malaria; for research and academic institutions to flag their scientific advances to both experts and general public; and  for international partners, companies and foundations to showcase their efforts and reflect on how to scale up what has worked. 
The theme for World Malaria Day 2012 - Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malari…

World Health Day 2012 - ''Ageing and health: Good health adds life to years''

World Health Day - 7 April World Health Day is a global campaign, inviting everyone – from global leaders to the public in all countries – to focus on a single health challenge with global impact. Focusing on new and emerging health issues, World Health Day provides an opportunity to start collective action to protect people's health and well-being. World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1948, the World Health Organization held the First World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7 April of each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. The World Health Day is held to mark WHO's founding, and is seen as an opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. The WHO organizes international, regional and local events on the Day related to a particular theme. Each year a theme is selected for World Health Day …