‘Makeup‘ – many of us love it – but most of us have No idea that some of our favorite Beauty products contain Harsh chemicals & Potentially Harmful Ingredients!

  • METHYLPARABEN: they’ve been linked to Cancer & may disrupt the Endocrine system.

  • PROPYLPARABEN: can Irritate Skin & Eyes or cause reactions in allergic. They hv also been linked to Endocrine disruption,Cancer & other toxic effects.

  • RETINYL PALMITATE: a synthetic form of vit.A,Toxic to pregnant women. Evidences link exposure to a range of health problems, from Cancer to Reproductive effects. Colorants, such as D&C Red 36 & D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake linked to Nervous System Damage!

  • TOCOPHERYL ACETATE,also known as vitamin E acetate,used in a variety of products like Lipstick, Moisturizer and Foundation,may cause Itching, Burning, Scaling, Hives and Skin Blistering, and may even be Toxic!!!

source: facebook


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