Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) colleges in Nepal

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) colleges in Nepal

Human resources for Public Health
BPH is a multidisciplinary, an undergraduate degree that prepares students to pursue careers in the field public, private, or non-profit sector in areas such as environmental health, health administration, epidemiology, nutrition, biostatistics, or health policy and planning which are acting in the field of health.
LA GRANDEE international College,Pokhara

This is a practical and applicable education model needs to be introduced to improve in the health status of community people.

HR for public health are able to initiation of community health development programmes, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of health promotive activities in community, disease preventive activities, health care and rehabilitative programmes etc through the existing community efforts.
Tribhuvan University (TU) BPH colleges (4 years BPH course)

Purbanchal University BPH colleges (4 years BPH course)

  1. National Academy for Medical Sciencs (NAMS) (40 students)
  2. Hope International College (40 students)
  3. Asian College For Advance Studies  (40 students)
  4. Om Health Campus  (40 students)
  5. Eden Berg International College (40 students)
  6. Chakrabarti HaBi Education Academy  (40 students)
  7. Sanjeevani Nursing College (40 students)
  8. Nepal Institute of Health Science (40 students)
  9. Unique Educational Academy (40 students)
  10. Yeti Health Science Academy  (40 students)
  11. Shree Medical & Technical College (40 students)
  12. Koshi Health & Science Campus  (40 students)
  13. Little Buddha College (40 students)
  14. Oasis Medical College (40 students)
  15. Valley College of Technical Science (40 students)
  16. Saptarishi Multiple College (40 students)
  17. Karnali College of Health Science  (40 students)
  18. Birat Health College and Research Centre (40 students)
Pokhara University (PU) BPH colleges (4 years BPH course)
  1. School of Health and Allied Sciences (SHAS, PU) (40 students)
  2. National Open College  (40 students)
  3. Nobel College  (40 students)
  4. Central Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) College (40 students)
  5. La Grandee International College (40 students)
Total BPH Graduate Students Per Year in Nepal:Approximately 1000 to 1040/-

Information was updates in Jan 2015. Need to Update............
Source of Info: University (TU , PU, PU) and other websites.