Call for Membership - Nepal Public Health Association (NEPHA)

Nepal Public Health Association (NEPHA) is a non-governmental, non- profit and non-political civil organization of public health professionals in Nepal. NEPHA aims to organize all the public health professionals and to develop their professional abilities for quality and people centered health care services in the country.


According to statute of NEPHA the individual membership will be provided
a)  General Membership
b)  Life Membership
c)  Honorable Membership (Only provided by AGA with recommendation of central executive committee)


Individual could apply for general and life membership according to NEPHA’s Constitution. The individual possible member complete the Membership Application form. Upon completion, this form should be sent to the committee (District, Regional or Central).
Requirements of Membership
 Description  About Membership
 Eligibility At least bachelor level degree in public health related subjects
 Renew Nature
 For General Membership
 Annual renewable
 For LIfe Membership
 Not Necessary
 Provided by District committee or by Regional committee OR by central committee
 Mode of Applying
 Direct through manually or by online or by email
 Membership Fee For General Membership
 1. Entry fee Rs. 150 NRs and
 2. Annual (renew) fee Rs. 600 NRs (All togather Rs 750 NRs only)
 For Life Membership
 1. Collective total Rs. 5000 NRs
 Necessary      Document
 1. Application form  (Download Form )  Note: MS OFFICE 7 is necessary
 for filling form 
 2. Copy of citizenship
 3. Copy of testimonial (Degree certificate and markshit - higher only)
 1. Application with necessary document to responsible committee
 2. Decision will be made within maximum 2 months
 3. Payment of membership fee in concern committee
 4. If anybody unable to get member then he/she will again submit his/her 
application to central committee. 
The decision made by central committee will be final.
Applying Process for NEPHA Membership 
Step 1:  Download form and Fill completely  
Step 2: Email us fill membership form with attachment of following documents on Primarely ( Or
1. Copy of your citizenship certificate
2. Copy of your latest academic certificate
3. Vouchar of deposit of membership form
 Step 3 : Deposit required membership charge in following Bank account
Agriculture Development Bank
Current Account
Nepal Public Health Association


Email us with following detail (Email:
  • Name and your membership number with type
  • Bank deposit of renew charge
If any quirires, please contact at 9856036932 (Sagun Paudel) Member, NEPHA Western Regional Committee
NEPHA Central Office
Jeet Jung Marg, Thapathali Height, Kathmandu-11
Call on:  +977-1-4248513


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