Alliance HPSR Board Member Vacancy- Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research was established in 1999 and is housed as an international partnership within the World Health Organization (WHO). The mandate of the Alliance emerged from the recommendations of the 1996 WHO Ad Hoc Committee on Health Research, which recognized the role of health research in strengthening health policies and the overall development of health systems. The Alliance’s mission is to promote the generation and use of health policy and systems research as a means to strengthen the health systems in low- and middle income countries.

Alliance Objectives 
The four main objectives of the Alliance are to: 
1. Provide a unique forum for the health policy and systems research community; 
2. Support institutional capacity for the conduct and uptake of health policy and systems research; 
3. Stimulate the generation of knowledge and innovations to nurture learning and resilience in health systems; 
4. Increase the demand for and use of knowledge for strengthening health systems. 

Governance of the Alliance The Alliance Board is managed and governed by 9-10 members. The Alliance Board constitutes itself, elects its members and elects its Chair. The Board is convened and presided over by the Chair of the Alliance. It meets once a year in normal session. In addition, there are generally 1 to 2 audio conference calls in a year.

Individual Members are selected for a three-year term, renewable once.

The Alliance HPSR Board has the following functions
(a) review and decide upon strategic direction and focus; 
(b) establish sub-committees for specific purposes, as required; 
(c) elect the Chair of the Board; 
(d) select the members of STAC and its Chair; 
(e) advise WHO on the appointment of the Executive Director of the Alliance; 
(f) approve the Alliance workplan and budget; 
(g) review technical and financial progress reports; 
(h) periodically monitor and evaluate progress of both the administration and the Alliance more broadly, including the commissioning and oversight of external reviews; 
(i) play a lead role in ensuring that the Alliance and its work enhances the contributions of complementary health policy and systems research initiatives, at both national and international levels; 
(j) ensure that gaps in the translation of research to policy are addressed; 
(k) contribute to resource mobilization efforts on behalf of the Alliance.  

Position & selection criteria 
The Alliance is seeking nominations for board members who can offer skills, knowledge and experience in the following areas: 
- the potential candidates should be either individual researchers or policy makers with relevant experience, qualifications and knowledge within the HPSR field; 
- they should have a strategic perspective, an awareness of the dynamics and the need to anticipate and capitalize on opportunities; 
- the time, energy, interest, and willingness to become involved in the Alliance HPSR board and its future; 
- well regarded within the HPSR community, with an inquiring mind, candid, yet constructive approach; 
- demonstrated ability to generate and/or obtain funding from potential donors.
How to apply
Interested candidates should send an email to
The subject line should read “Application to serve on the Alliance Board.” The email should include a brief explanation on why s/he wants to serve on the Alliance Board, noting particular skills, knowledge and experience in the field of HPSR and their demonstrated ability to generate and/or obtain funding from potential donors. A short bio and/or curriculum Vitae (CV) should accompany the email. 
The Alliance HPSR is dedicated to having a culturally diverse Board in a multicultural environment and strongly encourages applications from women. Applicants from Africa and the Asian-Pacific region will be given a priority. Closing date: 15 March 2017 
For more information, please contact Dr Abdul Ghaffar ( or John Warriner ( at the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research.

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