Conference Info: Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR)

The Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights or APCRSHR is a biennial gathering of civil society, young people, academia, government, media, private sector, and development partners from the region concerned about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The first APCRSHR was organized in 2001 in Manila and the succeeding seven conferences were hosted by countries across Asia as Thailand (2003), Malaysia (2005), India (2007), China (2009), Indonesia (2011), Philippines (2014), and Myanmar (2016) with more than 10.000 delegates. It will be the first time Viet Nam host this conference in the context of Viet Nam has big change in laws and policies related to SRHR 

The first time Vietnam is the host of the Conference which be held in 2017 by Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) and SRHR CSO partners.
The 9th APCRSHR aims to gather SRHR practitioners, experts and researchers in the Asia Pacific Region to share information and good practices for scaling up and/or replication, and to continue to expand and maintain relationships and alliances. We expect 1,500 to 2,000 delegates.
The ISC members agreed that the 9th APCRSHR theme Leave No One Behind! Justice in Sexual and Reproductive Health. 

The conference objectives are as follows;

  • To systematically review the performance of the Asia Pacific region, sub-regions, and countries including the good SRHR practices and lessons learned for diverse groups and social settings.
  • To identify the current and future roles and accountability of different stakeholders particularly NGOs, national and local governments, and development partners in achieving key SRHR results;
  • To explore new paradigms, innovative ideas, and strategies that would meaningfully address emerging SRHR issues, challenges, accountability of stakeholders in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.
  • To foster new alliances and to strengthen partnerships and cooperation in SRHR endeavours among diverse stakeholders from the region. 

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